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First Trip to East Asia | Destination Macau

So, after we enjoyed the cold and rainy weather in Hong Kong we took a ferry to Macau. Suprisingly (for us at least) the ferries were at every 15 minutes and the trip takes around an hour (and there is no need to take a pill for sea sickness).

Macau consists of peninsula of Macau plus Taipa and Coloane islands. Nowadays these two islands are already one same island. This is the explanation of the answer a person from Macau gave us last year on the International Tourism Fair, when we ask about Macau's territory - he said "We've already reached 30 km2".

On arriving at the port Macau seemed to be... not much diferent from Hong Kong, but once we started walking around the streets my opinion changed. Because Macau is not just big new nuildings and casinos! Macau is an amazing mix of portuguese and chinese culture. It is a bit strange and at the same time very interesting how Chinese New Year's festive decorations combine with the typical Portuguese stone pavement (Macau is independent from Portugal since 1999).

As Portuguese lenguage is still a oficial one in Macau, the names of all the streets are written in both lenguages - Portuguese and Mandarin.

There are still some Cristian churches in Macau. But the ruins of Saint Paul church, that burned in 1835 during a typhoon are extremely impressing and beautiful!

And from religious monuments to the "Street of happiness" - Macau is a place of contrasts. This street with red windows was formerly the favorite place of men in town. Nowadays from that activity remains just the name - it is a normal living neighbourhood now, with houses and stores.

And if the house of the image above doesn't seem extreme enough, Macau has more to offer - World's highest bungee jump, from Macau Tower - 233m! This time I passed, but I made my word that next time we go there I will get the courage to jump!

Yes, Macau is very beautiful by night, as well! After all, casinos are the most popular thing there. And there are always new ones to appear, bigger, with diferent design, etc. Like there is one hotel with casino in the peninsula of Macau, that has 24-carats gold bars built-in on the floor.

Or the Venetian Hotel at Coloane island that is not just inspired by Venice, it is like a real version of the lovely city!

Macau might be a paradise for the game-addicts but it has a lot to offer to the regular tourist, as well! I truely loved it! And it has much more things to see and do, than the ones I wrote about. It has beautiful gardens to have a nice walk, temples, museums, markets and of course some hidden street treasures, like a small barber shop in between the buildings.

Macau is a really unique mix of completely diferent cultures, you won't find anywhere else! Truely hope that this heritage will be preserved for the further generations the way it is and won't be lost!

Can't wait to see you back soon, Macau!


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