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Where to stay in Lisbon

I love Lisbon. It’s such a colorful, vibrant city though with such a cool, relaxed vibe. Walking around its streets one might easily feel that the time has stopped…

Lisbon caught me within a glimpse. And I didn’t even try to resist. I first came here as an Erasmus student, but immediately fell in love. First with the city. Then with my now husband. But the later is a different story.

Long story short - I moved to Lisbon after graduating my masters and lived there for almost 10 years. Time flies by so fast. But it was time for a change in scenery for us and we decided to move to the Azores. Even more chill atmosphere, but also more close to nature. More rural might even say. And somehow I feel as I fit in.

But every now and then, the city girl inside me speaks loud and there I go. Off to Lisbon. It’s like a sweet, old crush I can’t get over. I get to experience it as a visitor once again. As if every time I come back, I get to know the city for the first time. Don’t get me wrong - I loved being a local and having my favorite spots around town. But as everything in life, when routine takes over, the sparks tend to disappear.

And as we rented our lovely home in the city, we take every opportunity to explore even further than streets and new restaurants. Now, we get to experience the lodging scene as well. And believe me - some of the places we've stayed are a true piece of art.

So, here are some recommendations that I really loved:

Located in an old, but tastefully restored building, the hotel offers a stunning view over the Tejo river. Rooms are a bit tiny for the price, but the location is unbeatable - basically in the heart of the old neighborhood of Alfama. Breakfast was really good.

If you’d like something more central, within a walking distance to downtown, but not really in the heart of city, this is a great choice. Located at the railway station of Santa Apolonia, the hotel is unexpectedly quiet. Everything is brand new as it opened just a few months ago and offers a yummy breakfast. Right in front is probably the best pizza in town, as well as an e-bike and a metro stations.

This hotel is located at Parque das Naçoes - the more modern, north part of the city. This entire neighborhood was all build for the World Expo in 1998 and further. This is great place to stay, specially if you’re traveling with children - the oceanarium is very near by, as well as the Pavilion of Knowledge. Also, rooms of the hotel are bigger than usually found in the old center, the hotel is quiet and when on a higher level, offers a beautiful view over the river and Vasco da Gama bridge. Plenty of restaurant options within walking distance. Breakfast is a bit expensive, having in mind that just less than 5 minutes está you can find Padaria Portuguesa and have a nutritious breakfast with local products for half the price (or less).

Another hotel at Parque das Nações area. This one though, is located just next to the beautiful Oriente railway and metro station, which means it is only 3 stops away from the airport. The hotel itself is brand new, strongly oriented towards the digital nomads with plenty of co-working space in the lobby. Rooms are relatively small, but very well sound-proofed and some of them offer showstopping views of spanish architect Santiago Calatrava's masterpeice (the railway station). Breakfast offers enough options, in my opinion and is fairly priced at 10 euros per person. Vasco da Gama shopping centre is literally within 3 minutes walking distance and there are plenty of affordable food options, as well.

For me, so far, this is best hotel I've stayed in Lisbon when it comes to quality/price ratio.

I hope you truly enjoy Lisbon and everything it has to offer. It’s such a magical city with deeply blue skies, charming little streets with decorated cobblestones, warm-welcoming people and delicious food.

Enjoy it!


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