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Most Favourite Red Carpet Looks from the 76th Golden Globe Awards

Last night was the Grand Opening of this year's Award Season. And expectation on looks were high. At least for me.

After last year's "wearing all black", supporting the #MeToo movement, I was hoping for all kind of colours on the red carpet at the Beverly Hilton hotel. And those ladies delivered (and some men, too). However, due to the power of this same movement, I was expecting to see a lot of pantsuits this year. You know, women taking control in some way... There were few of them, yes (although not as much as I hoped), and they all looked fierce and confident. So as all other ladies, walking that red carpet. As usual, there are some looks that really stood out, so here are my personal favourite ones from last night's 76th Golden Globes ceremony's red carpet.

photo credit E! News


Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts in this Stella McCartney one shoulder sheer top and black pants was feminine, almost angelical, but bossy at the same time.

And for all those reason, my personal favourite look of the evening.

photo credit E! News


Lady Gaga

Honouring Judy Garland (who also played her character in 1954's

"A Star is Born"), Lady Gaga looked stunning in this Valentino Haute Couture gown and Tiffany diamonds.

Too bad the movie didn't win more Golden Globes, as in my opinion it would have been well deserved.

photo credit E! News


Regina King

This was one of the very first looks I saw on the red carpet and I immediately thought "this woman is dressed to celebrate (and sip some rosé), no matter if she wins tonight or not". This, in addition to her empowering speech after winning for Best Supporting Actress -Motion Picture, Regina King is a true role model to pay attention to.

Dress by Alberta Ferreti

photo credit E! News


Camilla Belle

Everything about this look is pure perfection.

From the royal blue dress by Jason Wu, through the classic black silk belt to the show-stopping green eye shadow.

photo credit E! News


Danai Gurira

"Black Panther" star stunned in this red and orange colour block by Rodarte.

It had silk, it had sparkle, it had a huge bow. What more could you ask for? Well, a Golden Globe may be...

photo credit E! News


Taraji P. Henson

This woman is a show stopper herself.

So, it was impossible for me to not include her in this list.

Plus, her deep V-neckline Vera Wang dress is both green and velvet - two things I just cannot resist.

photo credit E! News


Gemma Chan

Seeing Gemma Chan in this Valentino Haute Couture dress reminds me of that unforgettable Angelina Jolie look from the 2012 Oscars.

However, this one looks lighter that the black velvet Versace dress and brings a fresh and playful touch with the shorts underneath the voluminous skirt.

photo credit E! News


Jamie Lee Curtis

Now, this is what a powerful woman looks like to me.

A woman, who's not afraid to age and is proud to show it off.

The white Alexander Wang dress is just a simple add-on to complete the monochromatic look with the white hair.

photo credit E! News


Darren Criss

This Dior floral jacket was the most stunning men piece I've ever seen.

Not many men can pull this outfit the way Darren Criss did, that's for sure. And he deservedly won the Golden Globe for the Assassination of Gianni Versace. Boy, he interpreted that psycho caracter so well...

photo credit E! News


Lucy Boynton

"Bohemian Rhapsody"s rising star brought golden perfection to the red carpet.

Although this sparkling Celine dress resembles some old Hollywood glam, the messy blond bob and the make up made sure she belongs to 2019.


Between the show stopping looks and the ones that we will quickly forget, comes a third category. The looks that got me confused. Thankfully, they were not that many, and because I'm always honest, here they come.


photo credit E! News

Irina Shayk


Bradley Copper

Starting on a positive note, I have to say that Irina looks amazing in this figure-hugging Versace embellished dress and the short bob. Plus, yesterday was her birthday, so Happy belated Birthday!

Bradley on another hand... Oh, Bradley, what were you thinking? I'm sorry I have to say this, but I hate this white on white three pieces Gucci suit on you. Don't you agree he kind of looks "washed out"?

Adding that he didn't win a single Golden Globe, although he very well deserved, I can only conclude that it was not a great night for him. At least Irina looked enough gold and statuesque, so he didn't go home empty handed after all.

photo credit E! News

Emily Blunt

The comeback of Marry Poppins.

When I first saw her arriving to the red carpet, I loved this Alexander McQueen dress. That, until I saw it in full-length. And those rags at the bottom just made me hate it, as much as I loved it in the beginning...

photo credit E! News

Janelle Monáe

I was so excited to see this woman on the red carpet, as I'm currently obsessed with her.

A woman, who is so brilliant expressing herself through her music and statement fashion choices. This look however, got me completely off guard. And I got really confused. Is it so creative and over the top and I love it, or is it completely messed up and I hate it?

My problem here is not the golden hat, as Internet was filled with so many memes on that. What bugs me here is the white long dress underneath the tweed Chanel one. It almost looks like she forgot to take off her night gown before leaving the house...

In my opinion, if we take the white dress off and put the belt a little higher, this could have been probably my favourite look of the night. But unfortunately, it's not.



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