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Thousand shades of Blue at Malta's most famous spot

Our third morning in Malta was rainy and forecast was not really great for the entire day, as well. That's why, as we found out at Cirkewwa port, all day tours and boat rides to Blue Lagoon were cancelled. Which turned out completely into our favour. Our trip from Malta's main island to Comino was smooth and easy and after quickly checking into the hotel we were going to spend two nights at, we grabbed some bikini and headed to Malta's most famous spot.

The hike (more kind of a pleasant walk, actually) from Comino hotel to the Blue Lagoon is no longer than 10 minutes. When we first arrived to the small port when tourist boats leave their passengers, there were in total around 10-15 people at the small beach next to it. Water was crystal clear and beautiful, and with a really nice view to Gozo island. But as we were walking around we were discovering more and more stunning angles of this natural wonder. My favourite spot was just below the lifeguards' tent. There are a couple of stairs to the sea and the water was so calm... There were just a couple of sailing boats anchored near by, but almost nobody swimming. We had the entire Blue Lagoon almost completely to ourselves. And we did enjoy it, for sure. Well, laying on the rocks was impossible. Not to mention we didn't have beach towels (hotel was already out of them for the day when we checked in). There were some cement blocks on the rocks which I imagined aimed to ease walking and serve as a path. We tried to use them as a chair, but it didn't work so well. So, instead, we just jumped back to the water. After all, probably we would never see it that calm and empty again.

We stayed by the Blue Lagoon until the sunset. It got chilly quite fast and some bugs bit me without me even noticing, but it was totally worth it though. We climbed the coast to be able to see the sun kissing the horizon and it was truly breathtaking.

The following morning was warm and sunny. It could easily be a nice, summer day even though it was already October. We didn't want to waste another opportunity of experiencing that amazing, crystal clear sea, so after breakfast we headed again to the spot that brought us here in the first place. It was still early and tourist boats haven't arrived yet. We first went for a walk in the area around, where the coastline is higher and those views were simply stunning. Everywhere I looked, I was in awe. Turquoise water meets the high, limestone rocks, as they were cut with a knife. We also wanted to check the near by fortress but if we wanted to dip into the Blue Lagoon with almost no other people around, we didn't have much time to lose. We decided to go there in the end of the afternoon for the sunset.

When we arrived to my favourite, chill spot from the previous day (bellow the lifeguards' tent), I almost didn't recognise it. There were still no people around, but it was full of beach umbrellas and deck chairs to rent. Apparently those cement blocks were used as a base for the umbrellas, and not as a walking path as I thought. And when I passed between the deck chairs to get into the sea, the guy responsible for them got mad with me and told me I should use the rocks on the other side. Anyway. Just seeing the lack of air and space even still with no people, made me feel so good about the choice we made to spend the night at Comino island. This way we were able to enjoy this magical spot, as it is naturally - beautiful and so calm.

If we wanted, we could spend the entire day there, just like all those people who do it as a day trip, but to be honest, I didn't want to spoil the unique experience we got here so far. After enjoying the lagoon for ourselves (again) for some time, we hopped on our hotel's boat and spent the day at Gozo island. When we arrived back at the end of the afternoon, weather got much worse with a lot of rain and thunderstorm, which lasted almost all night. So today there was no sunset. And we didn't get to visit the fortress on the island. The following morning it was time for us to leave, and as it was still pretty cloudy, we took an early boat and headed back to Malta's main island. We were going to spend our last two days in the capital La Valletta.

Malta's Blue Lagoon is with no doubt, one of the most beautiful places, created by Mother Nature, I've ever been to. For this reason, I highly recommend you to visit it and if you can, experience it as I had the opportunity to. Either you will decide to go there on a day tour, but try to get there early (before 10 am) or you will opt to stay in the island's hotel, you will have a blast. I promise you! But please, be cautious and don't leave behind any kind of litter. I'm writing this, because you can't imagine the quantity of garbage and broken glass we found on our short walk from Comino hotel to the Blue Lagoon. If we all just pay a little more attention and start carrying more about the next day and our role in it, I believe we will be working all together to create a better place. And it will feel so good. You just need to pick up your own litter. As simple as that.

It's our Planet after all, and we better take care of it, if we want to enjoy it. Because it is one heck of a wonder-full one 🌎


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