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Weekend Getaway Essentials

Basically Portugal has two seasons only - summer and winter. And as long as the sun is warmly shining from the deep blue sky, the summer-like feeling is constant. So, the season doesn't really matter when it comes to planning a little getaway around Portugal. All you need is a tank full of gas and a great playlist.

Portugal is all-year convertible-friendly (except for the few days in the year when it rains a lot; unfortunately, this year the dry is a serious problem is some areas of the country), so depending on the personal preferences of landscapes, the choices are endless. Form the warm and sunny, south area of Algarve with its stunning, high shore beaches (some of them listed within the most beautiful ones in the world), through the Central region, where Lisbon can easily be used as a base-camp for further exploring. Even though the capital has its own big forest (Monsanto) with plenty of trails and gorgeous views to the city (the newly opened Miradouro Panorámico de Monsanto also offers privileged sunset views; address: Estrada da Bela Vista, Lisboa) the area around the city is so worth a day trip. On the South the landscape of Alentejo, means "beyond" Tejo/Tagus river, is unique and the towns of Évora (Diana's Temple), Arraiolos (unique, handmade carpets) and Sesimbra (delicious sea-food) are a must visit. North of Lisbon at the Atlantic's coast are Azenhas do Mar, Ericeira (a famous surfers' spot), Rio Maior and of corse Nazaré with its Big Waves Challenge. Going even further North, reaching Coimbra, Águeda (with its colourful AgitÁgueda Art festival) Aveiro (known as the Portuguese Venice; its beach Costa Nova is a must visit even in winter) and the city of Porto and the Douro river valley all deserve attention for a reason. But don't stop there - the area around Paiva river is amazing and Guimarães is the birth nest of Portugal, so for a history lover like me, it was a starting point of getting to know more about the country I chose to live in and its culture.

No trip however, is well fulfilled without a proper gear. I find this Anna Grace weekend bag just the perfect accessory for the purpose - its stylish, spacious, easily-foldable (the trunk of our convertible Toyota MR2 is extremely tiny) and it's faux leather which is great for the animals.

Their 20% silk scarf is very smooth and comfy, and its pastel colours easily match every outfit. After all, flexibility is important for a light-traveling, right?

What are you still waiting for?

Your little weekend getaway is waiting for you...

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