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Hiking around Ushuaia. And conquering the End of the World!

After spending our first two days in the End of the World off-roading and penguin watching we really thought we have already seen the best of it. But Nature decided to prove us wrong.

We've planned our third day for climbing Glaciar Martial. Named after the explorer Luis Fernando Martial, chief of the French expedition that reached the area with scientific purposes in 1883, it is the most important source of fresh water in Ushuaia. Glaciar Martial lies 1050 meters above sea level, but we climbed only until around 830 meters, where the trail ends. And when we looked back we were in awe - the city and the Beagle channel seemed like an astonishing oasis.

The day was extremely windy, which combined with the vertical drop, was not the perfect solution for my awful headache. But the glaciar was conquered!

Of course I was happy as a child in a candy store seeing the snow up there, when Nature surprised me again. It started snowing. I was in heaven. :-)

Already back in the beginning of the trail, we decided not to rush back to the hotel but to warm up a bit in the tea house nearby. It was so cute and cozy, it almost felt like a scenery of a doll house. I'm not a tea person, although I do enjoy a good tea every now and then, but that was for sure my greatest tea experience. It was something very similar to a religious ritual. The tea house also has a small souvenir shop with home made tea to take home.

During our fourth day we went for another hike, this time in the forest East of the city. Our destination - Laguna Esmeralda (the Emerald Lagoon). The weather was changing but at least was calm on this side of the Andes. Walking in the forest, we barely met other people and the green landscape was so pleasant for the eyes and soul. Soon we left the forest and had to walk on the mud or on the handmade wooden bridges that aim to ease the hike. And the gorgeous snowy peaks were making us company again. But nothing can compare to the feeling of getting rewarded by Nature. Yes, I've seen pictures of the lagoon, I knew what to expect. But I was still stunned. And speechless.

The magic of this place can't be described by words. Not even the photos can do its justice. You just have to experience to feel it.

The day was more than perfect and its end couldn't just be a downgrade. After the hike we went back to the hotel to relax at its outside pool with amazing views over the city and the Andes.

Our last day in Ushuaia was sunny and beautiful, but the wind was back and freezing cold. We were supposed to spend it on National Park Tierra del Fuego and take a ride on the End of the World train, but instead we chose to stay in and enjoy the heated pool and the views from it. Later, as to say Goodbye, we were rewarded with the most colourful and amazing sunset I have ever seen.

It will be really hard to beat this one.


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