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From Buenos Aires to Tigre - a laid-back day-trip

Our last day in Buenos Aires was planned for a day-trip to Colónia del Sacramento - a small picturesque town in Uruguay, founded in 1680 by the Portuguese Governor of Rio de Janeiro. But after experiencing some troubles buying the boat tickets and being advised by several people, we switched it to a short train trip to Tigre.

Tigre is a small town, located 35 km North of Buenos Aires, on the delta of Luján river. Although the colour of the water is not what I would call "beautiful" it is a really nice place for a river-side walk. Luján's water is rich of iron from the jungle streams flowing from inland South America, so it's latte-coloured. There are many canals and a lot of water activities. It was also nice to see that there are a lot of activities engaging the elderly generation as well. We passed by a group of people doing gymnastics by the river and singing "I am a tiger grandpa" :-)

There are also some nice places to have a lovely-scenered lunch, with tables under the shadows of the trees, nearby the river.

A must visit place in Tigre is the Art Museum. Although we didn't go inside its architecture and river-front gardens are very beautiful.

The next spot we wanted to visit was the market at Puerto de las Frutas. It's on the other side of the river but as the closest bridge is at the centre we had to go back. The market is quite big and the diversity of goods is wide-ranged - from fruits and baskets to leather and furniture. There is a very nice ice-cream place there.

Just next to the market is the railway station to get the Tren de la Costa (coastal train) back to Buenos Aires. The trip takes a little longer but offers quite good views.

I was pretty curious on going to Sacramento, but I have to say - I'm glad we visited Tigre instead. Its laid-back atmosphere was exactly what we needed after the city-hiking marathon we had in Buenos Aires.


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