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Siem Reap - the bustling door to the ancient Angkor heritage

Siem Reap is for sure the base camp for everyone, who wants to visit the heritage of Angkor Wat. The name of this kind of small but very vibrant town literally means "Siem defeated", celebrating the 17th century Khmer victory over the Thai kingdom of Ayutthaya.

On our first afternoon in Seam Reap we found a very nice and not very big temple - Wat Preah Prom Rath, just next to the river. In the courtyard there is a statue of a carriage, telling an ancient buddhist legend about acceptance and living a peaceful life.

Close to the temple is the Seam Reap Art Centre night market, accessed by several bridges. All of them seemed new and very well maintained, with benches for enjoying the view over the river, which at night was all lightened up by lanterns.

If you want to buy some souvenirs however, I recommend you a store called "Angkor Recycled", located between the night market and Pub Street.

The so called Pub Street is referred for the entire central area, filled by endless numbers of bars and restaurants. It was crowded but had a really great ambience. Also, if you have the guts to try eating scorpions and spiders, or any other "exotic" bug, this is the right place to find them. I'm a chicken, so I didn't try any, but a girl we met later on the trip said the scorpion tastes like chips. So, it might not be so bad and scary after all.

Around 7 p.m. Street 8 (one of the main ones at Pub Street) is closed for traffic and gets full of people, looking for a place to have dinner or fresh drinks.

In case you're already tired of Asian food the Little Italy restaurant at Alley W offers delicious italian options. Located at a tiny, cute street, it can easily make you forget all the asian confusion around.

A bit further the Pub Street there is a new, really nice place - Tuk-Tuk Tacos. Their Iced Margarita is a must-try!


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