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New Year's Eve Outfit Inspiration - 21 Party Dresses on Sale Now

We are just about to say Goodbye to 2018. Wether you're going to a big party or preparing a chill family dinner, everybody wants to look good and feel confident about themselves when welcoming the year year.

Many people believe in the "New Year = New Beginnings" stuff, and if you are one of those people you will definitely want to look fabulous when that new beginning kicks off. So, in case you still have no clue what to wear on this special night, here comes a good friend (meaning myself) to help you with some last-minute ideas. Most importantly - all those dresses are on sale now, so you don't need to break the bank spending hundreds on a dress you might don't want to use again anytime soon. However, all of my picks are easily reusable and you can wear them on other different occasions with no problem.

Shall we go shopping?

First of all, why a dress? Personally to me it's my go-to clothing to wear, except for jeans and a t-shirt of course. When the fitting is right it can be very comfortable, plus it's easy and fun to play with - depending on the accessories and the shoe you can define different styles with the same dress.

Little Black Dress

Yes, the little black dress is a classic and you can never go wrong with it. So, here are six models (all of them currently on sales) to choose from for a fun New Year's Eve. Add some bling with accessories (and make up) and you're ready to take on the new year in style. The best part is that all of the models bellow are easily worn in the daily routine or for another festive occasion - from a business meeting, a girls' night out or a friends' weeding. You'll have a best friend in the wardrobe for a long time.

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Have a Sparkling Year

If you're into sparkles, there's no better event to wear them than New Year's Eve. Sequin dresses are a trend that's been around for some years now, and apparently it's about to stick for a while. So if you still don't have one, check out these six sparkling models to convince yourself this is exactly what you need.

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Be the Colour of the Party

Don't limit your outfit by sticking to only black or sequin. Stand out and be that pop of colour every party needs. Plus, it's the holiday season, and nothing screams "holidays" than bright red, right?

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Gown Dress

In case the party you're attending is more formal and you need a gown dress, don't worry as I've thought for you, too. And for your wallet - again, all of the suggestions are on sales.

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I truly hope you've enjoyed this little piece of inspiration.

Wish you have a night to remember and a really magical year, filled with unforgettable moments and lots of personal and professional victories. Happy New Year! 🥂


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