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Less Than 10 Minutes Everyday Make Up Routine

I've always loved make up. Always. Ever since I was a little girl and loved looking around my mom's palettes, which at that time seemed like something sooo sophisticated.

Over the years I have shamelessly tried so many different products and looks, and I've finally figured out what works for me. Both for my face shape and skin tone, and when it comes to products. So here I'm sharing my every-day, less than 10 minutes make up routine.

On the left there's a make-up free photo of me while on the right I'm wearing the usual make up I put on daily. As you can see, it's a very discreet, almost "naked" make up.

*This is not a sponsored post - I've paid full price for all the products and share my 100% honest opinion on what I like to use on my daily basis.


I like to start my make up applying this Under Make Up Base by Inglot. It has a very soft touch and creates a thin, protecting film while at the same time unifies the skin, gently filling the wrinkles so that the foundation would not get stuck in. There's no need to apply too much of it - a bit of the product with the size of a pea is totally enough for me.

Since I moved to Portugal I quite a few sun marks appeared on my face. And while it's so difficult to get rid of them (I almost gave up and decided to look at them as a sign that I have a pretty good, sunny life), I now pay special attention on my skin and use a lot of sunscreen. Same applies on when I use make up. So, for the past 2-3 years I always use a foundation with SPF 50 (even in winter time). I currently use this one by Avène and I'm pretty happy with it. I've also used the Sensilis SPF 50+ foundation, which I also recommend.

During my last trip to Miami, I forgot my foundation back home, so I had to quickly find a solution on site. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find one with SPF 50, and as I didn't want to spend the few days I had there shopping, I opted for this Neutrogena Anti-Aging Perfector with SPF 20. However, if I choose to use this one, I apply sunscreen before doing my make up. Foundations like this one, I personally like to apply using only my fingers instead of a brush. I find out that the heat of our own skin helps it blend better.

Next comes the concealer. I've always had puffy eyes (what can I say - I'm a side sleeper), so this one is super important for me to look fresh. For that reason, I personally prefer liquid concealers. I'm currently using this one by Evagarden - a brand I've never heard before until a close friend of mine who is following all the trends in "clean" products gave me this one as a Christmas gift. And I love it, as it's so easy to apply and covers smoothly. I use the #57 PRO Airbrush Concealer brush to spread it better and then I blend it using the Classic Multitasker Brush #45. Both are from Sephora.

Eyes & Brows

The cat eye has always worked great for my eye shape, so unless I'm doing some kind of a special make up, I always opt for the cat eye. But, I'm not a fan of liquid eyeliners (nor powder ones). The perfect one for me is this Inglot 2 in 1 eyeliner. On one side it is a pencil to apply the line while on the other it has a sponge for perfect blending or for a smoky eye (another favourite of mine which I haven't done for so long). I'm using number 522 - the perfect black.

I used eyelash extensions for almost a year and when I took them off six months ago my natural lashes need some boost to recover. And somehow by chance, I found this Inglot Eyelash Serum. I apply it before the mascara, take any extra off with a clean mascara brush and let it dry. This way I nourish my lashes even though I put make up on.

While I wait for the eyelash serum to dry, I draw my brows. Literally. I've never had thick eyebrows, plus they are super light (although I'm not blond) and as I'm dying my hair quite dark, they seem to disappear even more. I've used several products already - brow shadow, brow pencil... But the one that works best in my case seems to be this Inglot Brow Eyeliner Gel. Applied with their 17TL brush, it's so easy and fast to make my eyebrows look a bit thicker and (sometimes) quite equal. Plus, it's super sparing, but be careful and don't apply too much. I like taking off the excess from the brush on the inner side of the cap. I use number 16.

Now that I have my eyebrows done, I curve my lashes and apply the mascara right away. The eyelash serum is now dry and will help keeping my eyelashes curved. Back in my teens I used this same trick but with a regular transparent mascara.

I personally like volume mascaras, but I hate having my eyelashes glued to one another. So, I'm quite picky. One of my all time favourites is They're Real by Benefit. What I also love about it is that it comes in travel size, as well, which is super handy when trying to minimise the amount of luggage you take. However, last time I needed to buy a new mascara I decided to try something new, and ended up buying this Miracle 3 in 1 Mascara by Rituals. I love their skin care products and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to try their make up line, as well. And I love it. Highly recommend it.

Back to Face

As I finish with my eyes, I go back to my face for some final touches. Yes, it's time to blush. I currently use one from the collaboration J Lo did with Inglot (J125 Charmed). What can I say, I really like their products. Plus, their blush palettes (also concealer and eyeshadows) are reusable, which is a very smart and ambient-friendly solution. Apply it right under the cheekbones. Smiling a little may help to identify where to do a gentle curve to the cheeks, so it blends perfectly.

As a final sparkle I like to sometimes apply highlighter. I do that right on top of my cheekbones as well as under my eyebrows. The one I'm currently using is the Intense Sparkle Face Eyes Body Highlighter by Inglot (number 13). Use a fan brush but take the excess off it.


I've never been much of a fan of lipsticks. I use them every now and then, but it's very rare. However, as I like to keep my lips hydrated I found out that a lip balm with some colour works best for me. And ever since I discovered BabyLips by Maybelline it quickly become my favourite. The Peach Kiss one fits perfectly my skin tone.

As you may already know, I'm not a professional make up artists, so the order I apply my make up may not be "professionals approved". Some people say that the concealer should be applied under the foundation, others say it should be after... What I've shared here is simply how I've established my make up routine.



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