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A day at the Happiest Place on Earth - Magic Kingdom | Disney World

To be honest, I've never been a huge Disney fan. Of course, when I was younger I enjoyed watching "The Beauty and the Beast", "The little mermaid" or "Cinderella" every now and then, but other than that I didn't like to watch any animated movies. I guess, I've never been much into TV in general. But when planning our girls' trip to Miami we had to take advantage of the location we've picked and include a visit to Disney World to our itinerary, even if it was just for a day.

For the purpose, and as we were all about new experiences on this trip, we rented a car with the idea of doing a fun road trip and probably even checking some sights on the way North. And it was an amazing idea, if it wasn't the lack of sleep we've experienced in the past two days. Not that I'm complaining. We sure had the best time partying in Miami, but when it came to driving to Orlando, no one was in a mood to do anything, besides just sitting in the car. Which actually was not that bad, as we also had no data package to connect while on the road, so we were constantly loosing GPS signal. Once we even missed our exit, as we were too focused singing (probably the only time during the entire trip, while were involved in the road tripping scene), so we had to go all the way to Orlando Airport to turn around and try to find the right way to the hotel. Which apparently was no easy task. First we arrived at a hotel with the same name as ours, but in was not actually the one we've booked. We were just around 30km away! Whaat? Well, they were kind enough to let us connect to their wi-fi for us to find the address on the "right" one and to be able to set the GPS give us directions to get there. After loosing the signal some more times and having the feeling that we're driving in a circle, we finally found it.

We bought our Disney tickets in the hotel, which was a great option for us. As first-time visitors we didn't really know how exactly the system works. The lady at the desk was kind enough to pre-book us the three activities, based on which ones normally have the longest lines. We trusted her personal choice 100%, as we haven't experienced any of the activities.

The next morning after quick breakfast (loved the Mickey Mouse shaped waffles) we wanted to pick one of the first shuttles to the Magic Kingdom. Of course, we were late and the bus driver had to wait for us. And he only did it because a girl from our group stayed at the bus door begging him to wait "only 5 more seconds" 😂

I was expecting it to be a super-crowded-experience, but I was not prepared for the amount of people that was already at the ferry terminal at 8:30 am. Happily, our first activity, "It's a small world" was booked for 11 am. We bought the Minnie-ears arriving at Magic Kingdom (although 25$ each was a hard price to pay) and passed the gates of the "Happiest Place on Earth".

Highly recommend you to download the Disney World app. It was such a time-saver as it shows the waiting time for each activity, so we knew in advance where to go and how long we would wait. For 4 pm we had booked the "Space mountain" which was amazing. Even though we had reservation for it, we had to wait for more than 30 minutes (there are two lines at each activity), but it was so worth it (you can tell I'm a huge rollercoaster fan). For 8 pm we had the "Splash mountain" which was also super fun. I left it half wet though, so recommend you to do it during the day, as your clothes can dry easier.

The highlight of the visit was of course the "Happily Ever After" show at 9 pm. Even I (not a Disney fan) got emotional ❤️

Get there at least 15 minutes earlier to find a great spot to watch it.

Disney World is for sure an amazing experience. Expensive, yes, but it's not an every-day experience after all. Sincerely, I think that everyone who grew up with the Disney movies (even if you liked just a few of them) should visit Disney World at least once in a lifetime. And it's not so much because of the movies itself, but to remember what it was like to be a kid - the happiest and most genuine part of our lives.

Happy International Children's Day!


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