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Palm Trees Dreams | La Digue island, Seychelles

La Digue island is the one we all envision when speaking about Seychelles. Its Anse Source D'Argent has gained the fame of "one of the most beautiful beaches in the world" and is definitely one the most photographed ones. Believe me, all that fame ain't for nothing. That beach is simply stunning. And it's basically the reason we did include La Digue into our itinerary, even though it was only for a day and a half.

The island is pretty small, only 10km2 and is a home to around 2000 people. What is curious about it, is that there are very few cars, which makes it very eco-friendly. Having in mind this information, you can imagine that there's no airport, although there is a heliport. So, the possible ways to get to La Digue is either by helicopter or by ferry via Praslin island. We chose the second option. The first ferry ride - from Mahé to Praslin was around 2 hours and the second one, from Praslin to La Digue - around 20 minutes. The transfer time was about 15 minutes and overall it was a great and easy trip. A vehicle from the hotel we've booked came to pick us up and we checked-in already at night, but on the next morning we woke up to this view from our window.

After breakfast we rented bikes for the day and went exploring the island. Or at least what we could explore for a day on a bike. We bought some fresh water and snack and headed straight to Source D'Argent. The only way possible to reach it is through Union State - a big park that includes a Coconut and Vanilla plantations, a tortoise pen and an old colonial cemetery. It is a National Heritage site (there's an entrance fee of 100 rupees per person) and cycling around it is an amazing experience. To get to the beach turn right when reach the tortoise pen. It's located right in front a gigantic granite rock, supposedly the biggest one in Seychelles. Don't rush your passage in Union State - stop by the tortoises, feed them with leaves or simply witness how they make love. It was interesting.

When passing by the coconut plantation, be very careful for some falling fruits - a huge coconut fell just less than a meter away from me.

The last, around 5 minutes to Anse Source D'Argent the need to be done on foot. It is actually quite big, separated by several groups of granite rocks, and if you go early in the morning you may actually find a small, private beach just for yourself. In my personal opinion the beach is more beautiful at high tide - as the tide goes down, the corals and seaweeds become more visible or even appear on top of the water. But even then, this beach is heaven.

While we were there, a group of 3-4 dogs came to the beach. They were all very cute and friendly - some of them would simply lay under the natural shadow next to the people, and others would refresh themselves in the ocean, anxiously chasing the fish. And what a person does when missing their own puppy? Tries to play with the ones they found along the way 🙈

Oh, and definitely try the coconut-passionfruit-mojito from the tiny bar there. The lady was making some delicious fruit shakes, as well.

We spent the entire morning at Sorce D'Argent, but knowing we were leaving the island the next day, we wanted to see more. In the early afternoon we left that idyllic beach (which by the way would offer some spectacular sunset views), picked up our bikes and headed South-East to check Grand Anse - longest beach on the island. It's wide and beautiful, but the waves didn't seem very friendly, which apparently happens a lot between May and October.

Petite Anse is just a short hike away. Around 10 minutes I'd say. Getting closer, the beach would mysteriously appear between the palm trees, until a breathtaking view of golden sand, granite rocks and lush greenery was unveiled in front of our eyes.

Sadly, we had no time to enjoy this calm and peaceful piece of heaven, as we had to deliver our bicycles before the sunset. And not to forget that there was a serious hill to climb on our way back.

When arrived to the hotel, we still had time to relax by the pool, before enjoying the splendid views of the sun falling down towards Praslin island. As sad I was that our day at beautiful La Digue was coming to an end, the scenery was just too gorgeous.

The following day we had some chill time by the pool before hopping on the ferry to explore Praslin. And when I thought we've seen the best part of Seychelles (and I don't mean only Source D'Argent - everything we saw and experienced on the island of La Digue was magical), there was still much more to explore and enjoy.


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