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First Trip to East Asia | Destination Hong Kong

One more vacation is over but the most important part of it is the memories we create, right?

So, we flew from Lisbon to Hong Kong (I didn't want my very first "touch" to East Asia to be a complete chock!) so that's how we chose the first destionation of the trip. And I liked it! It is a very busy, but also very well organized city - a mark that remained from the English times, I guess.

But as it is still Asia and everywhere you go you feel that scent of noodles and fried food...

One of the Must-Visit places is Victoria Peak. They say that the view from there is amazing. Well, we were not that lucky - it was foggy and raining. But we enjoyed the trip with the Peak Tram - a cable car that takes around 5 minutes climbing to Victoria Gap. It was really nice to see all that greeny vegetation inbetween Hong Kong's skyscrapers.

Personally to me, the city of Hong Kong seemed to be more exciting and beautiful by night.

Of course, another must-visit place is the Temple Street Night Market at Kowloon. Formerly it was the market selling men clothing. That is why near by there is still the so called Ladies Market - formerly selling clothing and acessories for women. Today both of them offer almost the same stuff - clothing, fake bags and watches, shoes and even sex toys... The difference is that the Temple Market "opens" around 9 pm.

Our last day at Hong Kong we spent at the Po Lin Monastery. There is a Giant statue of Budda - 22 m height and it is one of the biggest statues in the world, representing Budda sitting on a Lotus throne.

Unfortunately, it was foggy (again!) and quite crowded (really?!), but the overall experience was pretty peaceful.


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