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Yesterday Portugal celebrated Mother's Day. In my homeland Bulgaria we don't have such a special holiday, dedicated to those who gave us life. We surely give importance to International Women's Day and in some kind, it's when we praise our mothers. But as I'm living abroad I'm embracing all these new customs and traditions...

Today, as I was getting dressed I realized how my outfit was more than 90% influenced by my mom's style. The silhouette of the dress, the wedge sandal, even the brown sunglasses... I'm pretty sure she could totally pull it off. And feel comfortable as she had hand-picked all the pieces herself. So, it made me think... How much our style is influenced by our own mother's style?

Of course, the first "idol of beauty" every girl has when growing up is their mother. When I was a kid, I could totally spend hours sitting on the bed, watching my mom getting ready in the morning, doing her hair and make up, with her big cup of coffee by her side...

Nowadays (I like to think) I'm the same 😊

But for me growing up, my "idol of beauty" was not only my own mother, but also my mother's mother. A gorgeous lady with pale skin and light blue, almost transparent eyes, who would not leave the house without her hair done perfectly, red lipstick and her pearls, even in her late 80's.

So here's a big shout out to all the mothers out there, who were, are and will always be world's greatest influencers!

Happy Mother's Day 🌺


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