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Gstaad - Switzerland's High Class Ski Resort

January is a special month for me. That's why, I always take a trip somewhere - I like celebrating my birthday on different places. Or home with my family, of course (by "home" I mean Bulgaria, where I grew up). And as in Portugal there's (almost) no snow, normally I take the opportunity for a ski trip. Last year we enjoyed the winter beauty of Finland and we were also lucky enough to witness the Northern Lights. This year we chose Switzerland.

We flew in and out of Geneva, but before even get a chance to see the city, we hopped on a train and headed directly to Gstaad. The 3-hour train ride offered us stunning Alpine views, so make sure you get a window seat.

Gstaad is a cute, little village in the Saanenland region (above 1000 m altitude), where the authentic Alpine feeling meets luxury. In its centre, traditional houses are home to high class boutiques by some of the world's finest brands. Louis Vuitton, Prada and Cartier's beautifully decorated windows, amongst others, can be spotted at the traffic-free promenade.

When going on a ski trip, we like to stay as close as possible to the slopes and cable cars. As in Gstaad there were no ski in ski out options, we opted for a lodging just next to the Eggli cabe car. And without even realising it at the beginning, we had some stunning views to Mont Blanc.

If you'd like to treat yourself with something more luxurious while in Gstaad, check out Tempston Luxury

The ski equipment rented on the other side of the street, which was also convenient. The rental price for 3 days per person was 135 euros and the ski-pass for 3 days - 168 euros.

Going up with the Eggli cable car, the views of Gstaad, nestled in the heavenly-white valley were more than stunning.

And once we've reached the cable car's final station, the heaven got even more real - straight at our feet. There were slopes for every taste, gorgeous, rocky, snowy peaks and two bars with sun terraces, offering unforgettable views while enjoying a tasty lunch and a drink. Priceless.

The best way to end a great ski day, of course is some sauna time. Even though nothing beats the private sauna we had in our room in Ruka village, the experience in Gstaad was quite similar. With one, tiny exception - the spa was in the building next door. However, going out in the snow with just a roube, on top of my bathing suit, and flip flops was unexpectedly pleasant. Booking in advance for a certain hour, the (mini) spa centre of the hotel (sauna, turkish bath and a lounge with delicious tea options) were entirely at our disposal.

During all three days of our stay we had dinner at our hotel's pizza restaurant. Delicious. And they also had a great selection of wines.

Definitely, the best way to say goodbye of a personal year and start a new one in Geneva 🎂


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