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Búzios - a Paradise Just Outside Rio de Janeiro

Armação dos Búzios is located around 180km East from Rio de Janeiro. Until the 1960s it was just a small fishermen village until Bridget Bardot visited it with her brazilian boyfriend. This is how Búzios got on the spotlight and became a fancy vacation resort. Today here is a bronze statue of the french actress on the main beach front avenue, named after her.

In the same area there is another statue, honouring village's fishermen.

Búzios is still a relatively small town and seems to resists big hotel resorts. Most hotels are in old colonial-style buildings. The night life however, seems to be on top of its game, as every weekend many people come from the city mostly to party. Samba shows are easy to be found on weekends, even during low season.

If you don't have much time and want to get to know as many beaches in the area as possible, than a Trolley tour is a great option. For a two hours ride we got to see some amazing views, don't you think so?

Here are the beaches you should NOT miss while in Búzios:

The Turtle Beach - actually there is no real sand beach here, and the waves are hitting the rocks quite strongly. However, the view to the turtle-shaped rock near by is very nice.

Praia do Forno (forno in portuguese means "oven") - they say that the pink coloured sand helps to get tanned faster, so be careful. Also here check the water for turtles, we saw some swimming very close to the beach.

Praia Brava - normally it is a beach with quite strong waves, enough for some international surf competitions to take place here. On one side there are two fancy chill-out bars with big beds to chill (and get tipsy) just on top of the beach. On the other side there is supposedly a nude beach with more pink sand. Curiosity: looking to the water, it seems like there is a golden dust swimming around, and not (pinky) sand. I've never seen anything like that!

Azeda and Azedinha beaches are located around 10 minutes walk from Praia dos Ossos. You might feel a bit lost for a while, going up the hill and passing by ruins of a building. But very soon you will see the beauty of the bay. The first beach you get going down the stairs is the Azeda and is more locals-oriented. Azedinha, the smaller one, is on the other tip of the bay and is more for the "tourists". The water is crystal clear and the bay looks heavenly hidden like a secret spot, but don't let it fool you - the sea water all around Búzios is cold!


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