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Winter Vacay

Well, the winter snow vacation we had last month is over but the cold weather keeps reminding me about it.

It was so nice to visit home, spend my birthday with my loving family and also to see some snow! Yeay! Even if in the cities there was no snow anymore (simply, the temperatures were pretty close to the ones here in Lisbon) at least there was plenty of snow at the ski resorts!

There are three main ski resorts in Bulgaria - Borovets (around 100 km from Sofia, in the Rila mountain), Bansko (around 150 km from Sofia in the Pirin mountain) and Pamporovo (around 250 km from Sofia in the Rodopi mountain). There are some ski slopes just around half an hour from the city centre of Sofia, as well. So, we went to Borovets and we had a blast!

I can't decide which winter resort is my favorite, because I love them all, but I should say that Borovets is a super cool place - you can literally get to some slopes just by going out of your hotel! Yes, it has some ski-in ski-out hotels, which is always super convenient. The price of a daily card for skiing is 55 Bulgarian Leva (around 28 Euros) and you can rent a ski or snowboard equipment for between 15 to 20 Bulgarian Leva (8 to 10 Euros).

We were quite lucky beacause there were not a lot of people - we never got a line on the lifts!

And we had even more snow exactly on my birthday! So, we got to make some Snow Angels!

I miss it already! It was really, really nice to feel that sweet pain in the muscles while skiing and in the end of the afternoon to go to a hot turkish bath or sauna to warm up...

So, this birthday trip was the perfect one to celebrate my last year in the twenties! A big hug full of love to everyone who made part of it!

See you soon!

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