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An Unusual Wedding Back in Time

The Unusual Night is an annual party, organised by a brand of gin. It was at this same party, two years ago, that I found out this is actually one of my favourite drinks. And how it wouldn't be? The special ingredients of this specific brand are cucumber and Bulgarian rose Damascena!

So, every year, expecting this party is like Christmas for me. Everyone who knows me is aware how much I love theme parties. And this is one of my favourites. Decorated in a Victorian style, it is always in a gorgeous, historic building, the decoration is perfect and it's super fun! This year, it took place in a stunning palacete downtown, with open space backyard and breathtaking view.

And it was a wedding! Lady Rose and Sir Cucumber tied the knot at a lovely ceremony, by the sound of an orchestra with maestro.

The bride was blooming (of course, she is a Bulgarian Rose!) and having a blast.

On arrival Miss Daisy was welcoming us with a big smile and a big dress.

And we got to take our own family photo. Sadly, in my opinion, too few people were dressed appropriately to the age of the theme. So few, that people were passing by us and taking photos, as we were part of the party team! A girl even got a bit scared when I told her that we are guests of the wedding, just as they are. It was hilarious!

And it wouldn't be a wedding without a cake! A roses-and-pickles one was just the perfect choice.

I only have a few issues with the organisation but I will not go there. The overall experience was great.

So, cheers to more unusual nights to come!


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